What to Expect


While Osteopathy is a well-founded and very familiar profession in Europe and the USA, it’s less familiar to Canadians. It’s not surprising to be unsure what to expect on a first appointment! Osteopathic practitioners use a range of hands-on, manual techniques. They may feel similar to some other treatments you may have had; massage, stretching, mobilizing, joint articulation and muscle activation for example. Some types of osteopathic treatment tools are so subtle and gentle that you may feel as though nothing is being done!

At Reset Osteopathy we determine the optimum treatment and techniques based on the individual and their particular requirements. It’s extremely important that you’re comfortable throughout the whole process. Should anything change we prefer that you let us know, as there’s always a different approach that we can offer.

For your comfort and to help us it’s a good idea to wear relaxed and comfortable clothing. Track or sweat pants, shorts and a t-shirt are ideal.

There’s a possibility we’ll show you some functional exercises to practice at home, depending on your diagnosis. The idea is simply to help you to take control of your own health and continue to progress between treatments.

We know from our own experience that many people have looked to Osteopathy because of the limitations of injuries (new and old) and how such challenges can affect your daily routines and activities. Including sports and favorite past-times too. Our treatment protocol and advice given will depend on what we observe and you can be sure that our approach is effective, functional and holistic.

We’re excited to work with you - to help get you back to the things you want and need to be doing!