My name is Leslie, and I am a 54 year old Registered Massage Therapist.  I specialized in deep tissue,sports and remedial massage and have a large clientele, that consists of many high level amateur and professional athletes that require specialized and often aggressive treatment to keep them performing at their best.  As well, I have trained horses professionally for many years, with all the residual wear and tear of that activity.


Before meeting Scott Lawrence and discovering Osteopathic Therapy I would often get up in the morning and not be able to walk – at all!  Throughout the day if I had to go from sitting to standing, I would be hunched over like a 90 year old in a walker! The low back/S.I. pain was excruciating and I thought I was going to have to give up my career and my riding.  I had also suffered a riding accident and subsequently endured 3 shoulder surgeries in 4 years – each time returning quickly to my demanding massage practice, which led to a wide array of physical compensatory issues. My aging, abused body was a MESS!


I had tried everything from Chiropractic to prescription narcotics before I was referred to Scott by one of my clients that is a Professional Personal Trainer.  He had a client who had great success with Scott, and he was suffering from a low back issue similar to mine.  He tried OT and had great results, so although I did not then understand exactly what Osteopathic Therapy was, I had seen his progress and I was willing to try anything!


I am very much a ‘show me’ kind of person and do not usually get excited about some of the ‘alternative’ therapies, and am wary of ‘snake oil’, so I have to admit I was a little skeptical.  During my first appointment I was actually (internally) rolling my eyes and thinking “…this is an hour of my life I’ll never get back!”  The treatment was gentle – no cracking, popping or pain involved, so I wasn’t sure if anything was really happening.


That night my hips, low back and entire pelvic girdle felt different – not better exactly – not worse – just different.  The following morning I was able to jump out of bed pain free!  This reprieve lasted a few days, but I had seen enough to give OT a legitimate chance.  Within 4 - 5 follow up treatments the effects and relief were lasting for weeks and months.  Even with the continually physically abusive nature of my career and riding, with the subsequent muscle imbalances I suffer from,  I can now go months between treatment without pain!


Since discovering the benefits of Osteopathic Therapy, I have become a huge advocate of the discipline and refer many clients to Scott as an adjuvant to Therapeutic Massage, with outstanding success rates.  I have frequently seen patients that have tried everything, from Western Medicine to Acupuncture with limited success, have great and lasting outcomes with OT!


I have seen, that just like Massage Therapists, not all Osteopathic Therapists are created equal in their ability to seek out and rehabilitate causative factors, but Scott is one of the good ones!  If you are having chronic or acute pain, decreased range of motion or physical restrictions of any kind, it is well worth your time to pay Scott Lawrence a visit!


 Yours in health,


Leslie J  R.M.T.


Re-New Wellness