My name is Maggie Tucker and I am a two-time World Muay Thai Champion. In this sport as you can imagine your body takes a beating during the long training.

In 2016 I started visiting Scott due to Plantar Fasciitis. After seeing a sports therapist, physiotherapist and massage therapist resulting in little to no improvement I went with Scott, the osteopath. After my first visit, I walked out of the office with little to no pain and the pain did not come back the next day. Scott took the time to explain what was causing the pain and how to prevent it from coming back and how to prevent it with at-home exercises.

After years of battling with day to day foot pain I am happy to say since working with Scott I have not had any foot pain. I have recommended Scott to my friends and family and they were skeptical but all are impressed with the results. Thank you Scott!