I feel fortunate that I was first introduced to the remarkable practice of osteopathy over thirty years ago now, while working close to the British School of Osteopathy in Central London. After that initial visit and treatment (for a sprained ankle) it was clear that osteopathy is a powerful and effective discipline. I was therefore delighted to meet Scott, here in Calgary in 2015 - who himself trained at the same London school and teaching clinic – and I’m indebted for his professional care and treatment. Whether treating a specific injury or imbalance, Scott is fully aligned with the principles of the osteopathic approach and treats me in a whole and holistic manner. He listens and is attentive to whatever needs to be addressed on any given visit. I always leave feeling better, physically and energetically. His cranio-sacral treatments are equally superb.

I initially met Scott to help me with a series of complications from a traumatic wrist fracture. Along the way he’s also treated me for running injuries and general postural re-adjustments. He’s a truly great osteopath and I recommend him wholeheartedly.


Catherine Townley

Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher